Subramanian Swamy’s abbreviations used in his Twitter account @swamy39


Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s twitter account @swamy39 is one of the top 10 influential accounts in India.
It is rapidly growing as there is an upsurge in  Dr.Swamy’s popularity in the country.


New followers are unable to understand the shortcuts / abbreviations that Dr. Swamy uses in his tweets.
So they remain confused not knowing whom to ask or where to find the full forms of the abbreviations.


This constantly-updating blog post aims to provide full forms to all abbreviations that Dr. Swamy invents and uses.

* If your’e having a hard time finding your abbreviation in this long list, press Control+F and search for your keyword on this page.

* (Updated 5Apr2016) New Uncracked Codeword : “Shakuni” – Many on twitter are saying it is Arun Jaitley, who is known to be close to congress/media, friend of Chidambaram and against Dr.Swamy. Do share your thoughts on this codeword in the comments section, will be useful to everyone.
* (Updated in April) New acronyms : MBT, R3

Abbreviations and their meanings:

VK = VishKanya
for Sonia Gandhi . Vish means poison, Kanya means girl. Read about Vishkanyas

TDK = TaDaKka
for Sonia Gandhi . Read about Tataka .

Buddhu = Rahul Gandhi
buddhu in hindi means ‘dumb’ or ‘fool’. Not to be confused with ‘buddha’ 🙂

Bambino = Rahul Gandhi
Bambino means ‘male child’ in Italian.

Booze / Bottle = Priyanka Gandhi / Priyanka Vadra
She’s the daughter of Sonia Gandhi and wife of Robert Vadra. Dr. Swamy says she is an alcoholic.

Robber / Robber Damad = Robert Vadra
He’s the husband of Priyanka Gandhi and son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi. Damad, in hindi, means son-in-law.

Shree 420 = Arvind Kejriwal
Shree is like ‘sir’ and 420 is the section number in Indian Law relating to Confidence Tricksters.

Md Bin Tughlaq / MBT = Arvind Kejriwal

Aaptards = AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)’s blind followers
As in ‘retards’ . Dr.Swamy adopted this term for blind followers of AAP when they were repeatedly abusing him on twitter.

CRT = Congi Reptile Tweeple
congi is a short for Congress (political party in india) . Tweeple means ‘people’ in twitter slang.

PT = Patriotic Tweeple
tweeple means ‘people’ in twitter slang. Mostly used in plural form PTs

Fibral = A liberal who fibs (lies)
according to dr.swamy’s tweet  “Indian liberals fib all the time. So we should call them Fibrals to distinguish them from liberals elsewhere.”     ‘fib’ means ‘lie’

PC = Papa Chor / Pucca Chor / Pakka Chor
for P. Chidambaram .  Chor in hindi means ‘thief’. Papa means ‘dad’. Pukka/Pakka means 100%.

BC = Baby Chor
for Karthi Chidambaram son/of  P. Chidamabaram  . Chor in hindi means ‘thief’

Rascal = Sanjay Jha
Sanjay Jha is a spokesperson for Congress party who tried to do some silly mischief with Dr.Swamy.

MMS = ManMohan Singh

JJ = J Jayalalitha

MK = M Karunanidhi

Jehad Deal = Jet-Etihad Deal
Click here to know about the deal. Google search for the latest news about Dr.Swamy’s court case on the deal.
(Thanks to ‘Mango Man’ from the comments section for the tip)

Terms Related to Dravidian movement goons & LTTE supporters of Tamil Nadu:

a. DD / DDs = Dravidian Draculas
Violent people belonging to the Dravidian movement formed in Tamil Nadu on the basis of a fake Aryan-Dravidian theory created by the Britishers to divide Northern and Southern India as part of their ‘Divide & Rule’ policy. Know more at the links below.

b. Porki / Porkis = Porukki
Porukki means ‘a male goon’ in Tamil. Also used for the violent people belonging to the Dravidian movement mentioned above.

Who are these violent DDs & Porkis and what is this fake Dravidian movement? Read Dr.Swamy’s article here & you can watch his video here.

c. Eli / Elis = Supporters of ‘Eelam’ / LTTE supporters of tamil nadu (‘E’ in LTTE stands for Eelam)
Eli means a ‘rat’ in tamil. Why does he call the violent LTTE supporters of Tamil Nadu as rats? Read this interview of Dr.Swamy.

DDs, Porkis & Elis belong to the same club.

NH = National Herald (Dr.Swamy’s court case against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi)

R3 = Raghu Ram Rajan
as used in this tweet

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Friends, please feel free to add more abbreviations/information that i may have missed – in the comments section. It will be useful for everyone.

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